Battle LEGO

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- Jim Doherty

Text Box: Attack Tank
Never loose a battle again.
One mini figure is all it takes.
Giant Boom! Gun.
Cheap at $10.00 
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Text Box: Attack Tank from Battle Lego! More fun than a barrel of puppies.

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Each of our sets is hand selected for maximum fun and Lego creativity. Exclusive sets you can not find anywhere else—even on Amazon. Nicholas Doherty has personally selected each and every piece, made each and every instruction book and packaged each and every one into a hand crafted, unique, heirloom worthy box. Your great-grandchildren will thank you!

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Only the best, coolest people buy our sets. If you are not cool enough—and you know it—please shop elsewhere. However , if you have found our exclusive pop-up website then you are probably a clued-in, astute individual who deserves one-of-a-kind, bespoke Lego sets.

Text Box: A Nicholas Doherty Enterprise
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